Thank you for you interest in a position at Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton.


Date Posted: 23rd January 2020

POSITION: Equipment Lead 
RESPONSIBLE TO: High Performance Director (HPD) 
EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Permanent, Full Time Position 
HOURS OF WORK: The nature of the position demands flexible hours until work is completed to meet the requirements. This includes but is not limited to working extended hours, evenings and weekends, particularly in-season and/or during off-season camps.
LANGUAGE OF EMPLOYMENT: English, knowledge of German is an asset
LOCATION OF EMPLOYMENT: 88 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary, AB, T3B 5R5


The Equipment Lead, under the direction of the High Performance Director and in cooperation with the Head Coach - Bobsleigh, is responsible for BCS’s Equipment Program and all related aspects, including but not limited to equipment and tool maintenance, modification, repair, race preparation, equipment assembly, development and/or construction, determining machining operation to be performed, and plan best sequence of operations. The Equipment Lead coordinates, monitors and documents sled/runner and/or other equipment inventory preparing production and other reports; tool and equipment acquisition and replacement at BCS workshop(s), as required. The Equipment Lead will supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers who assemble, fabricate and inspect a variety of products where applicable. 
The purpose of the Equipment Program is to ensure BCS has competitive sleds and related equipment available during the competitive seasons and to assist BCS in developing a long-term Equipment Program strategy. 


1.    Chief Executive Officer (and/or designate)
2.    High Performance Director (HPD) 
3.    National Bobsleigh Program – Head Coach
4.    National Bobsleigh Program – Coach(es)



1.    work as part of a multi-function team to achieve the goals of the BCS strategic plan;
2.    maintain positive and productive relationships developed with BCS staff, contractors and athletes;
3.    contribute to the creation and projection of a BCS image characterized by integrity, reliability, respect, courtesy, openness and commitment to excellence;
4.    Inform the HPD and/or Key Personnel of any emergencies or new developments in a timely manner; ensuring standards for safe working conditions are observed at all times 
5.    Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments and
6.    provide documentation and/or information required for a police background check and/or other appropriate information as may be required from time to time from BCS employees. 


The BCS Equipment Lead shall supervise, co-ordinate and schedule BCS’s Equipment Program, in consultation with the HPD and appropriate Key Personnel, as required, in order to assist BCS to achieve its purpose of developing World and Olympic Champions. 


1.    maintain, modify, repair and optimally prepare BCS sleds and racing equipment for competition and training. Verifying dimensions of machined parts or tooling using micrometers, verniers, callipers, height gauges, optical comparators, co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM) or other specialized measuring instruments;
2.    design, manufacture and/or maintain the specialized tools required to maintain BCS racing equipment to racing standards;
3.    maintain an up-to-date knowledge of specific and related sled design technology, rules and international bobsleigh and skeleton trends and IBSF Rules;
4.    create and implement, in consultation with the HPD and/or Key Personnel, an equipment strategy and annual sled maintenance and race preparation program;
5.    manage BCS’s sled inventory, in consultation with the HPD and/or Key Personnel, by planning and implementing fabrication, repair and/or disposal of the sled inventory;
6.    oversee and manage the BCS workshop(s) in Calgary and/or Whistler and/or where equipment is built, maintained and/or repaired, including but not limited to ensuring adequate and appropriate work spaces, organizing and keeping records of inventory and tools and ensuring the standards of the workshop(s) is/are safe and secure; 
7.    assist the HPD with the development of an overall budget for the maintenance and modification of sled inventory on an annual basis;
8.    maintain accurate documentation of design, materials, fabrication, testing and race information on the sled/runner inventory;
9.    co-operate with the HPD, design and technical consultants and experts, coaches, athletes, manufacturers and/or suppliers, funding partners and/or such other parties as may be necessary from time to time in order to implement the “Made In Canada” sled project and/or such other equipment project(s) as may be undertaken by BCS from time to time;
10.    Recommend personnel actions such as hiring and promotions, where appropriate, as well as supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the work activities for all staff within the workshop, including but not limited to apprentices, machine operators, helpers and labourers; 
11.    Establish methods to meet work schedule, co-ordinate work activities and assist the HPD and other members of staff to resolve work problems and recommend work measures to improve productivity and quality.  
12.    educate, train and supervise BCS staff, athletes and/or consultants in relation to the preparation, maintenance and/or care of BCS equipment and where appropriate arrange training as well as inform all workers of safety procedures within the workshop 
13.    provide expertise as it relates to BCS sled/runner allocation; and/or 
14.    such other duties as may be required from time to time.


Completion of secondary school may be required.
+5 years of experience is an asset


Salary would be considered in the top tier for the Alberta province for work of this nature.


MAIN CONTACT: Chris Le Bihan 
PHONE: 403 247 5964
MAILING ADDRESS: 140, 88 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary, AB, T3B 5R5