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Do you have what it takes to become a champion? Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton (BCS) is a renowned organization with a proud history of success at all levels of competition, from the IBSF World Cup to World Championships and the ultimate achievement of representing Canada at the Olympic Games. We are constantly striving to deepen our pool of athletes, and searching for the next generation of sliding athletes who are passionate about teamwork, perseverance, and achieving success on the international stage.

Benefits of Joining the Program

As part of BCS, you will have access to:

  •  Elite-level coaching: our experienced coaches are dedicated to developing athletes to their full potential while helping them achieve their performance goals.
  • International exposure: our program provides opportunities for athletes to compete on the international stage, representing Canada against the world's best.
  •  World-leading training facilities: BCS has access to state-of-the-art training facilities in Calgary that enable athletes to hone their skills utilizing the Winsport Icehouse – a push training facility -  to prepare for competitions.
  • A supportive team environment: our program emphasizes the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and mutual support, creating a positive and uplifting environment for athletes to grow and thrive.

RBC Training Ground: Recruitment Process

Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton is utilizing RBC Training Ground Events to identify the next generation of sliding sport athletes! If you are interested in either bobsleigh or skeleton, please visit to register for an event closest to you!

Date City Location
Sunday February 11 Ottawa University of Ottawa
Sunday February 18 Montreal Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Saturday March 2 Victoria

University of Victoria

Saturday March 9 Vancouver Richmond Olympic Oval
Saturday March 9 Halifax Canada Games Centre
Saturday March 9 Milton

Mattamy National Cycling Centre

Sunday March 10 Scarborough Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC)
Saturday March 16 Kamloops TCC- Tournament Capital Centre
Sunday March 17 Sudbury Laurentian University
Sunday March 24 Sherbrooke École secondaire du Triolet
Saturday April 6 Edmonton Kinsmen Sport Center
Saturday April 13 Winnipeg Dakota Community Centre
Sunday April 14 Quebec City Université Laval
Saturday April 27 Saskatoon University of Saskatchewan
Sunday April 28 Hamilton Mohawk College
Saturday May 4 London University of Western Ontario
Sunday May 5 St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre
Monday May 6 Grand Prairie Eastlink Centre
Saturday May 11 Calgary Genesis Center
Saturday May 11 Whitby Abilities Centre
Recruitment Season - Overview
February - May: RBC Training Ground Recruitment Period & General Preparation Training 
May - August (National Teams Off - Season): Sport-Specific Training & National Team Camps
August - October (Pre - Season) - National Team Testing (Calgary) & National Team On - Ice Evaluation
October / November - National Team Selection
November - March (Sliding Season) - In - Season Competitions, Physical Training, etc.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to join one of Canada's most successful sports organizations. Submit your athlete bio and physical testing results today, and start your journey to becoming a champion!


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Physical Testing Standards

Men Height*
Elite  190-155  110-100  2.05-2.15  3.55-3.65  3.35-3.15  20.00-17.50
Development 190-155 99-75 2.16-2.40 3.66-3.90 3.14-2.43 17.49-11.50
Women Height*
Elite 178-148 78-73 2.20-2.30 3.90-4.00 3.00-2.70 15.50-14.50
Development 178-148 72-63 2.31-2.50 4.01-4.20 2.69-2.30 14.49-12.50

*Height and Weight are guidelines only

SLJ - Standing Long Jump
UHF - Underhand Forward Throw
Medicine ball (Men:5kg, Women:4kg)



What happens during National Testing?
  • Answer: The BCS team will put you through physical testing (Absolute Strength, Elastic Strength & Speed). You will also get an introduction to pushing a sled on ice in the ice-house, and you will start to push with potential future teammates.
What is National Team on-ice Evaluation?
  • Here, you will get the opportunity to experience a real bobsleigh ride down a track! This is a time for learning and teamwork. The on-ice evaluation usually takes place in Whistler, BC.
Are my costs covered?
  • The cost of attending National Testing in Calgary is fully the responsibility of the athlete. BCS will provide coaching, facility access, etc.
  •  The cost of attending National Team on-ice evaluation is often the responsibility of the athlete, depending on BCS's budget. Sometimes BCS can help arrange logistics and/or cover some costs.
  • BCS covers some costs associated with the Sliding Season once you are named a National Team Athlete.
    • *There may be some additional costs associated with sliding preparation, which will be communicated ahead of time by BCS*
What does National Team Selection mean?
  • Congratulations! This means that you have been nominated to be a national team athlete! This will involve signing an Athlete Agreement and also makes you eligible for some funding (called Sport Canada Carding).
  • Being selected for the National Team means you will be involved in various National Team activities, including on-ice training, competing on a tour, off-season national team camps, off-season dryland training opportunities, off-season ice-house opportunities, etc.
How do I get selected to the National Team?
  • National Team selection is based on the current season's Selection Criteria, which can be found on the BCS website.