L. Lamont Gordon Spirit Award

L. Lamont “Monty” Gordon was a part of Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton’s distinguished alumni who competed in the 1950s and ‘60s. Monty was a lifelong member of the fabled Cresta Club in St. Moritz, where the bobsleds he used resembled that of a skeleton/bobsled hybrid! 

Monty is one of the founding members of the Canadian Amateur Bobsledding & Tobogganing Association which was a precursor to the program now known today as Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton. 

In his days as an athlete, Olympic sports were strictly amateur –no formal government or Olympic Committee support for athletes other than having access to a uniform and a plane ticket once every four years. The sport was highly competitive, unpredictable – some may even say risky. This is where Monty fell in love with the sport. 

Following his athletic adventures, Mr. Gordon went on to have an extremely successful business career and is recognized as a Bay Street Legend by not only his peers but also by generations that followed. 

Until his death in 2019, Monty generously supported Canada’s bobsleigh and skeleton athletes directly and indirectly, without fanfare, for more than half a century. He was a leader, mentor and benefactor for those in the sport. He was also a founder and a significant donor to the Bobsleigh Trust Fund as well as to Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton itself which has been a significant benefit to countless Canadian athletes. 

In 2017, Mr. Gordon and his family created the L. Lamont Gordon Spirit Award to honour one athlete each year who embodies the spirit of sportsmanship that Monty demonstrated himself: character, commitment, generosity, teamwork, and dedication. 

The Gordon family will provide a $1,000 gift and trophy to the named recipient each year.

Award Winners:
Year Recipient
2023 Leah Walkeden (Edmonton, Alta.)


Cynthia Appiah (Toronto, Ont.)
2018 Joey Nemet (Hamilton, Ont.)

Photo by Lascelles Brown Photography