Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

Bobsleigh CANADA Skeleton develops World and Olympic Champions.

Our mission is simple.  BCS exists to create, nurture and support World and Olympic champions, period!  That said, BCS believes strongly in leading by example in the important values that underscore any sustainable community: INSPIRE Integrity, National Pride, Sportsmanship, Professional, Innovation, Respect Excellence.  In addition, it is clearly recognized that although the pursuit of excellence is characterized by incredible challenges and adversity, the environment in which the community is immersed must be saturated with enjoyment and fun!

Vision Statement:

To be the leading bobsleigh and skeleton nation in the world.

Our vision is clear.  BCS will lead our entire Canadian community in the pursuit of becoming and sustaining the mantle of the leading bobsleigh and skeleton nation in the world.  BCS directly will endeavor to do this by focusing on four critical areas; programs, process, people and planning.  These four areas will provide the cornerstones to all strategic directions and initiatives.  A hallmark of the BCS future is that it will be recognized as a performance-based culture, with a supporting performance management mindset.