Whistler Sliding Centre 

The Whistler Sliding Centre was built for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, and is the fastest track in the world! Having hosted the 2019 BMW IBSF World Championships whereby all of the track and world records were smashed. The Whistler Sliding Centre, Whistler Athletes Centre and Whistler Olympic Park where all purpose build venues ahead of the 2010 Olympic games, whereby the 2 sporting venues hosted over 50 sports and the Whistler Athletes Centre housed athletes from all nations during the games. Today the facility is appointed as the National Training Centre for Sliding sports in Canada

In addition to the Olympic Games in 2010, the Whistler Sliding Centre has hosted 2 IBSF World Cup events, 4 NAC events, 4 ICC events and was the host for the 2019 IBSF World Championships!

Track Stats 

Top Speed 157.06km/h
Track Length  1700m
Number of corners  16
Vertical Drops 148.00m

Track Map

Track Records



Start 4.77s M. Rahneva (CAN) 20 Oct 2018
Finish 53.10s J. Loelling (GER) 8 Mar 2019
  53.76s E. Vathje (CAN record) 16 Oct 2016
Speed 144.8 km/h J. Loelling (GER) 8 Mar 2019


Start 4.47s M. Durkus (LAT) 8 Mar 2019
  4.53s K. Boyer (CAN record) 20 Oct 2018
Finish 51.91s M. Dukurs (LAT) 7 Mar 2019
  52.16s D. Greszczyszyn (CAN record) 8 Mar 2019
Speed 146.4 km/h A. Tretiakov (RUS) 19 Feb 2010




Start 5.06s E. Meyers Taylor/K. Jones (USA) 24 Nov 2017
  5.09 K. Humphries/C. Appiah (CAN record) 03 Dec 2016
Finish 52.01s M. Jamanka/A. Drazek (GER) 03 Mar 2019
  52.42s K. Humphries/C. Appiah (CAN record) 21 Oct 2016
Speed 150.1km/h M. Jamanka/ A. Drazek (GER) 03 Mar 2019
  148.2 km/h K. Humphries/M. Lotholz (CAN record) 23 Jan 2016


Start 4.70 s B. Hefti/T. Lamparter (SUI) 6 Feb 2009
  4.75 s L. Rush/L. Brown (CAN record) 20 Feb 2010
Finish 50.96s J. Kripps/ C. Stones (CAN) 01 Mar 2019
Speed 153.09 km/h J. Kripps/ C. Stones (CAN) 01 Mar 2019


Start 4.69s O. Kibermanis/ M. Miknis/ A. Vikaste/ J. Strenga (LAT) 08 Mar 2019
  4.72s L. Rush/C. LeBihan/D. Bissett/L. Brown (CAN record) 26 Feb 2010
Finish 50.05s O. Kibermanis/ M. Miknis/ A. Vikaste/ J. Strenga (LAT) 08 Mar 2019
  50.13s J. Kripps/ R. Sommer/ C.Stones/ B. Coakwell (CAN record) 08 Mar 2019
Speed 157.06 km/h F. Friedrich/ C. Bauer/ M. Grothkopp/ T. Margis (GER) 08 Mar 2019
  153.67 km/h N. Poloniato/D. Plug/T. Randall/K. McDougall (CAN record) 22 Oct 2016


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