Keenan Postans

Birth Date:Jun. 15, 1996 (age 27)
Birth Place:Thunder Bay, Ont.
Residence:Thunder Bay, Ont.

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ont., Keenan spent most of his youth and teenage years playing football and basketball for the rep teams. He traveled in the spring and summers to compete in different areas of Minnesota. Throughout high school Keenan made the city All Star teams as a quarterback and point guard in his respective sports. 

Keenan was recruited to play football yet still was unsure about it. Keenan needed to make a decision as to whether or not he wanted to continue to play football in university. The opportunity presented itself, however, he had a vested interest in academics and got into the program he wanted to attend at Lakehead University. A six year concurrent education degree was the best choice. Thoroughly enjoying his undergraduate degree, graduating with an Honours in Bachelor of Education, with a  major in History and minor in Kinesiology. Throughout university, Keenan always stayed consistent in the gym and enjoyed numerous activities staying in shape. He felt that he wanted to compete and see his potential in something.

Bobsleigh had been something he would think about from time to time. Keenan followed the Team Canada athletes on social media and would watch them compete and was always curious as to what the sport was really like. Anytime he would watch bobsleigh there was a feeling nudging him to go seek out the opportunity to try it. Keenan loved watching the intensity of the competition and wanted to be a part of it. 

COVID began and he felt a strong feeling to seek out an opportunity with Bobsleigh Canada. I emailed BCS (Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton) recruitment explaining my background and my hope to come to a training camp. A reply came with training camp dates giving me an opportunity to see what the sport was about. The training camp was in Waterloo, Quebec which he had never heard of. Yet, Keenan will never forget since that would be the birthplace of his bobsleigh journey. 

Keenan is currently an intermediate senior teacher in Thunder Bay. He takes pride in shaping the youth and working with the next generation of athletes. 


Career Highlights

  Gold Silver Bronze Other
2023 - North American Cup, Lake Placid, USA: 4-Man       4th
2022 - North American Cup, Lake Placid, USA        6th
2022 - North American Cup, Whistler, CAN       7th