Alysia Rissling

Birth Date:Nov. 16, 1988 (age 33)
Birth Place:Edmonton

Alysia Rissling was destined to excel in high-performance sport. Growing up in Edmonton, Alysia was surrounded by a family full of hockey players. Her Godfather played in the NHL, her dad played pro in Europe, and her little bro was a standout with the Calgary Hitmen in the WHL before heading to the NHL’s farm system.

For Alysia, her competitive nature was found on the basketball court for five years at the University of Alberta until she caught wind of many track and field athletes being recruited to bobsleigh. Immediately interested in the sport, Alysia parked it in the back of her brain until she completed her scholarship and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree. The following year, the idea of bobsleigh kept dominating her thoughts so she did try out for the provincial team. Next thing she knew her bags were packed and she moved south to Calgary eight weeks later.

Alysia’s progression in the sport has been steady since starting as a brakemen in 2012. She took to the driving seat the following year and is one of Canada’s top women’s pilots. Alysia had a standout rookie season on World Cup circuit in 2017 as a pilot, winning the bronze medal at the World Cup test event in Pyeongchang. She returned to the Olympic Track in Korea as a member of the 2018 Canadian Olympic Team where she and Heather Moyse slid to sixth place. Alysia returns to the National Bobsleigh Program in the final charge towards 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing after sitting last year out rehabbing an injury.

When not mastering her trade on tracks around the world, Alysia is a natural athlete who boasted scholarships in basketball, track and field, soccer and volleyball. A self-described sports junkie, Alysia loves snowboarding, surfing, playing slo-pitch, beach volleyball and all watersports. When not playing, she’s watching hockey, football and baseball religiously. She is also a Fast and Female ambassador and Classroom Champions mentor. 

Career Highlights


  Gold Silver Bronze Other
2021 - Women's World Monobob series, Igls, AUT    



2019 - World Championships, Whistler, CAN       11th
2019 - World Cup, Calgary, CAN       7th
2019 - World Cup, Konigssee, GER       9th
2018 - World Cup, Altenberg, GER       10th
2018 – Olympic Winter Games, PyeongChang, KOR       6th
2018 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER       5th
2018 – World Cup, St. Moritz, SUI       4th
2017 – World Cup, Pyeongchang, KOR      
2017 – World Championships, Konigssee, GER       6th
2016 – World Cup, Lake Placid, USA       5th
2016 – World Cup, Whistler, CAN       4th
2016 – World Championships, Igls, AUT       13th
2015 – World Cup, Calgary       11th

- Six career North America’s Cup gold medals/total de six médailles d’or en Coupe nord-américaine‚Äč
- Overall points champion on the 2014-15 North America’s Cup /championne au classement général de Coupe nord-américaine 2014-15
- Second place in the 2015-16 overall North America’s Cup/vice-championne au classement général de Coupe nord-américaine 2015-16

Olympic Winter Games Results


Pyeongchang, KOR 2woman 6th Rissling, Moyse


World Championship Results


Altenberg, GER 2woman  12th Rissling, Richardson Wilson
Whistler, CAN 2woman 11th Rissling, Appiah 
    Team  7th Lynch, Rissling, Austin, Auclair, Maier, Ribi
Konigssee, GER  2woman  6th Rissling, Appiah 
    Team  8th  Greszczyszn, Dagenais-Everell, Spring, Rissling, Stones, Channell
Igls, AUT  2woman  13th  Rissling, Corrente
    Team  8th  Martineau, Vathje, Rissling, Corrente, Spring, Giguere


World Cup Results


  Igls, AUT  2woman  11th  Rissling, Voss 
  Konigssee, GER 2woman 8th Rissling, Richardson Wilson
  St Moritz, SUI 2woman  11th Rissling, Richardson Wilson
  Calgary, CAN 2woman 7th Rissling, Appiah
  Konigssee, GER 2woman 9th Rissling, Bujnowski
  Altenberg, GER 2woman 10th Rissling, Ribi 
  Konigssee, GER 2woman 5th Rissling, Moyse
  St. Moritz, SUI 2woman 4th Rissling, Moyse
  Altenberg, GER 2woman 10th Rissling, Moyse
  Igls, AUT 2woman 7th Rissling, Moyse
  Winterberg, GER  2woman 16th Rissling, Moyse 
  Whistler, CAN 2woman 7th Rissling, Appiah 
  Park City, USA 2woman 7th Rissling, Bujnowski
  Lake Placid, USA 2woman 7th Rissling, Bujnowski
Pyeongchang, KOR 2woman 3rd Rissling, Appiah
  Igls, AUT 2woman 9th Rissling, Thibault
    4woman 30th Rissling, Beckford-Stewart, Thibault, Dagenais-Everell
  Konigssee, GER 2woman 9th Rissling, Lotholz
  Winterberg, GER 2woman 11th Rissling, Thibault
  Lake Placid, USA 2woman 5th Rissling, Thibault
  Whistler, CAN 2woman 4th Rissling, Lotholz
  Calgary, CAN  2woman  11th  Rissling, Corrente