Josh Gilpin

Birth Date:Apr. 27, 2000 (age 21)
Birth Place:Cambridge, Ont.
Residence:Cambridge, Ont.

Fresh out of high school and no clear path for the next step of his life, Josh attended a recruitment camp at the University of Guelph to satisfy his curiosity.

Pushed through a series of tests for speed, power and explosive strength, Josh captured the coaches attention. A year later, he is one of the newest members of the National Bobsleigh Program.

Blaming his Jamaican heritage for not being a fan of winter, sliding down an icy chute, wearing a speed suit in frigid temperatures is now Josh’s thing. The former high school football player, and now the youngest member of the National Bobsleigh Program, is addicted to the adrenaline rush and all the sport has to offer. He is now ready for his first taste of competition.