Cody Sorensen

Birth Date:Oct. 6, 1989 (age 32)
Birth Place:Ottawa, ON
Residence:Ottawa, ON

Cody Sorensen was recruited to bobsleigh from track and field… Having been an Ontario provincial high school hurdles champion, was captain of the University of Guelph Gryphons varsity track team for two years and was a three-time national medallist in 60m hurdles but knew he would never be an elite competitor internationally. Bobsleigh was a good fit for his natural abilities as a bigger sprinter who was quick out of the blocks…

Cody Sorensen is a second generation Olympian who made his Olympic debut at Sochi 2014 as a member of the four-man sled piloted by Justin Kripps. Sorensen had originally been scheduled to compete with Chris Spring, but there was a late reorganization of the crews to put the team’s top pushers into a sled with Kripps, who had proven to be the best Canadian driver on the Sochi track. Sitting eighth after the first heat, the sled overturned on turn 12 in the second heat. Sorensen suffered a mild concussion and was not medically cleared to compete in the final two heats.

An alternate to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic team, Sorensen made his move to the World Cup circuit for the 2010-11 season. Sliding with pilot Lyndon Rush, he won bronze in the four-man event at three World Cup stops and pushed Rush to a sixth place finish at the 2011 World Championships.

In 2012-13 Sorensen moved between all three Canadian four-man sleds throughout the season. He ended the year with pilot Chris Spring, posting a seventh place finish at the World Cup in Sochi which served as the Olympic test event.

Olympic Winter Games Results


Beijing, CHN 4man 9th Spring, Evelyn, Giguere, Sorensen
Sochi, RUS 4man 27th Kripps, Coakwell, Sorensen, Lumsden, Rinholm, Demetre

World Championship Results


St Moritz, SUI 4man 17th Spring, Sorensen, Carriere, Giguere
    Team 3rd Neilson, Sorensen, Reid, Valois, Humphries, Rush
Lake Placid, USA  4man 7th Rush, Lumsden, Sorensen, Wright
Koenigssee, GER 4man 6th Rush, Wright, Sorensen, Bissett
    Team 3rd Montgomery, Hollingsworth, Moyse, Humphries, Sorensen, Rush

World Cup Results


  St Moritz, SUI 4man 9th Spring, Evelyn, Sorensen, Giguere
  Winterberg, GER 4man 8th Spring, Evelyn, Sorensen, Giguere
  Altenberg, GER 4man 15th Spring, Evelyn, Sorensen, Gray
  Winterberg, GER 4man 13th Spring, Evelyn, Sorensen, Giguere
    4man 15th Spring, Evelyn, Sorensen, Giguere, Gray
  Altenberg, Ger 4man 11th Spring, Evelyn, Sorensen, Giguere
  Igls, AUT 4man 14th Spring, Evelyn, Sorensen, Giguere
    4man 13th Spring, Evelyn, Sorensen, Giguere
  Koenigssee, GER 4man 12th Spring, Coakwell, Sorensen, Lumsden
  Innsbruck, AUT 4man 6th Spring, Lumsden, Coakwell, Sorensen
  St. Moritz, SUI 4man 4th Spring, Coakwell, Lumsden, Sorensen
  Winterberg, GER 4man 5th Spring, Coakwell, Sorensen, Lumsden
    4man 7th Spring, Coakwell, Sorensen, Lumsden
  Lake Placid, USA 4man 4th Spring, Coakwell, Lumsden, Sorensen 
    2man 12th Spring, Sorensen
  Park City, USA 4man 7th Spring, Coakwell, Lumsden, Sorensen
  Calgary, CAN  4man 4th Spring, Sorensen, Lumsden, Coakwell
  Sochi, RUS 4man 7th Spring, Giguere, Carriere, Sorensen
  Innsbruck, AUT 4man 10th Rush, Sorensen, Brown, Lumsden
  Koenigssee, GER 4man 9th Rush, Sorensen, Brown, Lumsden
  La Plagne, FRA 4man 18th Rush, Lumsden, Wright, Sorensen
  Winterberg, GER 4man 13th Rush, Sorensen, Lumsden, Wright 
  Whistler, CAN 4man 13th Kripps, Sorensen, Demetre, Carriere
    2man 12th Kripps, Sorensen
  Park City, USA 4man 12th Rush, Wright, Lumsden, Sorensen
  Lake Placid, USA 4man 6th Rush, Brown, Wright, Sorensen
  Calgary, CAN 4man 5th Rush, Wright, Sorensen, Lumsden
  Whistler, CAN 4man 3rd Rush, Lumsden, Wright, Sorensen
  St Moritz, SUI 4man 7th Rush, Lumsden, Wright, Sorensen
  Koenigssee, GER 4man 8th Rush, Lumsden, Sorensen, Wright 
  Koenigssee, GER Team 3rd Douglas, Hughes, Hollingsworth, Rush, Sorensen, Humphroes
  Winterberg, GER 4man 20th Rush, Sorensen, Wright, Lumsden
  La Plagne, FRA 4man 11th Rush, Sorensen, Lumsden, Wright 
  Innsbruck, AUT  4man 13th Rush, Sorensen, Wright, Lumsden 
  Cesana, ITA 4man 3rd Rush, Wright, Sorensen, Wilkinson 
  St Moritz, SUI 4man 9th Rush, Wright, Sorensen, Wilkinson 
  Winterberg, GER 4man 18th Rush, Sorensen, Bissett, Wright 
  Innsbruck, AUT 4man 7th Rush, Wilkinson, Sorensen, Wright
  Innsbruck, AUT Team 1st Fairbairn, Sorensen, Deshamps-Montgomery, Kelly, Upperton, Rush
  Lake Placid, USA 4man 3rd Rush, Sorensen, Wilkinson, Wright 
  Park City, USA 4man 3rd Rush, Le Bihan, Wright, Sorensen
  Calgary, CAN 4man 6th Rush, Wright, Le Bihan, Sorensen
  Whistler, CAN 4man  6th  Rush, Sorensen, Le Bihan, Wright