2022 Olympics

Mirela Rahneva

Birth Date:Jul. 26, 1988 (age 33)
Birth Place:Ruse, Bulgaria

Some would argue Mirela Rahneva was born to compete. Afterall her mom was an elite sprinter, and her dad a competitive acrobatic gymnast.

Once the family moved to Canada from Bulgaria in 1997, she recalls her dad marking out a 100-metre sprint track on a bicycle path. Her father would get out a stopwatch to time Mirela. The process was repeated over and over through her childhood.

Little did Mirela know this precious time spent with dad was the foundation of her Olympic journey, paving a trail for a life in high-performance sport. Mirela was a standout rugby player in high school and at the University of Guelph. 

Following a short stint on the National Team playing rugby sevens, Mirela was inspired by teammates, and former rugby and bobsleigh star – Heather Moyse – to explore the sliding sports. Originally focused on bobsleigh, Mirela realized she was too small, but after a successful testing camp, was encouraged by Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton officials to look at skeleton. 

Mirela has never looked back. Leveraging those early days sprinting on the sidewalk at home as a child, Mirela is one of the most explosive athletes off the skeleton start block, which has helped her quickly progress through the Canadian ranks. 

Mirela enjoyed a breakout season four years ago in her rookie season on the World Cup Team, racking up four World Cup podiums and finishing third in the overall standings. 

Following a 12th-place finish at her Olympic debut in PyeongChang, Mirela captured her second Crystal Globe in 2019, finishing third overall for the second time in her young career thanks to two victories and a silver medal. Mirela added another silver medal to her resume from the World Cup in Winterberg, Germany in 2020.

A hard worker both on and off the track, Mirela finds a unique balance in her life between training, competing, and working to earn a few extra dollars, and most importantly, spending precious time with family.

Mirela has a Bachelor of Commerce (specializing in tourism management). Before moving to Calgary full time she was a wedding planner at Luxe Destination Weddings. 

Career Highlights

  Gold Silver Bronze Other
2020 – World Championships, Altenberg, GER       10th
2020 – World Cup, St. Moritz, SUI       4th
2020 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER       4th
2020 – World Cup, Igls, AUT       7th
2020 – World Cup, La Plagne, FRA       7th
2020 – World Cup, Winterberg, GER      
2019 - World Cup, Lake Placid        4th
2019 – Overall World Cup       
2019 – World Championships, Whistler, CAN       12th
2019 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN    
2019 – World Cup, Lake Placid, USA       4th
2019 – World Cup, St. Moritz, SUI      
2018 – World Cup, Winterberg, GER       5th
2018 – Olympic Winter Games, PyeongChang, KOR       12th
2018 – World Cup, St. Moritz, SUI       4th
2017 – World Cup, Igls, AUT      
2017 – World Cup, Winterberg, GER       4th
2017 – World Cup, Whistler, CAN       7th
2017 – World Cup, Park City, USA       4th
2017 – World Cup, Lake Placid, USA       7th
2017 – World Championships, Konigssee, GER       8th
2017 – World Cup, Pyeongchang, KOR       5th
2017 – World Cup, Igls, AUT      
2017 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER       4th
2017 – World Cup, St. Moritz, SUI      
2017 – World Cup, Winterberg, GER      
2016 – World Cup, Lake Placid, USA      
2016 – World Cup, Whistler, CAN       5th
2016 – Europa Cup, St. Moritz, SUI      
2015 – Europa Cup, Sigulda, LAT      
2015 – North American Cup, Whistler, CAN      
2015 – North American Cup, Calgary, CAN    
2015 – North American Cup, Whistler, CAN      
2014 – North American Cup, Calgary, CAN      
2014 – North American Cup, Park City, USA      

Olympic Winter Games Results

PyeongChang, KOR 12th


World Championship Results

Altenberg, GER 16th (Women's)
    10th (Skeleton Mixed Team Competition)
Whistler, CAN 12th (Women's)
    2nd (Team Competition)
Konigssee, GER 8th (Women's)
    9th (Team Competition)

World Cup Results

  Igls, AUT 11th
Sigulda, LAT 21st 
  St. Moritz, SUI 4th
  Konigssee, GER 4th
  Igls, AUT  7th
  La Plagne, FRA 7th
  Winterberg, GER 2nd
  Lake Placid, USA 4th
  Calgary, CAN 2nd
  Lake Placid, USA  4th
  St Moritz, SUI 1st
  Igls, AUT 13th
  Altenberg, GER 14th
  Winterberg, GER 5th
  Sigulda, LAT 12th
  St Moritz, SUI 4th
  Altenberg, GER 22nd
  Igls, AUT 3rd
  Winterberg, GER 4th
  Whistler, CAN 7th
  Park City, USA 4th
  Lake Placid, USA 7th
  Pyeongchang, KOR 5th
  Igls, AUT 2nd
  Konigssee, GER 4th
  St Moritz, SUI 1st
  Winterberg, GER 3rd
  Altenberg, GER 18th
  Lake Placid, USA 3rd
  Whistler, CAN 5th