Eden Wilson

Birth Date:Feb. 11, 1997 (age 25)
Birth Place:Brandon, Man

As a rookie in the National Bobsleigh Program, Eden is looking to make her mark on the international racing scene and create a list of career highlights.

Eden’s entry into bobsleigh is unique to say the least. She doesn’t come from a traditional sporting background like many of the other athletes in the national program, however, she spent two decades in competitive show jumping. 

Eden got into the sport after attending a provincial level ‘learn to push’ session and was immediately hooked by the energy and vibrancy the sport offers. She went on to enlist the coaching of track and field Olympian, Jessica Zelinka, over the summer months in preparation for the 2020 Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton Testing Camp. The work in the gym paid off and is now ready for her first season on the national squad.

Eden has a bachelors degree in Health and Physical Education. She hopes to complete a masters degree before the age of 25 – just for fun. Eden unapologetically shows up in the world as a women, athlete, energy giver and space holder. She brings her signature smile and lightheartedness to everything she does in hopes of bringing a little bit of light to every path she crosses. 

As a biracial female of aboriginal decent, Eden is no stranger to overcoming adversity. She hopes to be able to blaze a trail for more diversity and inclusivity in bobsleigh. 

Outside of bobsleigh, Eden enjoys spending time with her horses and binging on comedies.

Did You Know…

Eden’s party trick is perfecting her ‘Irish Good-bye.’ 

Career Highlights


  Gold Silver Bronze Other
2020 – North American Cup, Whistler, CAN