Statement Re: Reinvestigation Conclusion of Kaillie Humphries Safe Sport Complaint

CALGARY—The current Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton Board of Directors has examined the independent report following the independent investigation of the harassment and discrimination complaint submitted by Ms. Kaillie Humphries.

The independent report determined there was no evidence that any of the allegations constituted harassment and found no fault in BCS’s handling of this matter.

Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton’s Board of Directors examined the report for the purposes of considering whether or not the proven facts of the investigation breach the BCS Discrimination and Harassment Policy. After careful review and consideration, the Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton Board of Directors has decided to accept the conclusions of the “Report” as described by the “Investigators,” and will not seek further investigation of this complaint.


Statement from Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton’s president, Tara McNeil, in response to the conclusion of the reinvestigation of Kaillie Humphries safe sport complaint....

“While this entire situation is very unfortunate for everyone involved, and for our sport in Canada, we appreciate the time and thorough review of the complaint. The principles of justice allow for complaints to be heard and reviewed.

There are no winners in a situation such as this. It has always been, and continues to be, very important that all of our athletes, coaches, administrative staff, and volunteers have confidence that Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton will abide by its policies and treat all concerns with respect, professionalism and confidentiality. The only silver lining in this case is the demonstration that that confidence has not been misplaced.

While this process has been very difficult for all parties involved, it has reinforced Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton’s commitment to creating and ensuring a safe training and competitive environment for all of our sport participants.

Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton’s job is to develop a world-leading program, helping all athletes and coaches achieve their performance goals, while ensuring the physical and psychological safety for everyone involved in our sport.  

BCS will now put this unfortunate chapter in our history behind us and will not be commenting on this matter any further in the future.

We will continue to work together with the athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers, officials, and partners in our community towards building a positive and fair culture with a focus on participant wellness, and we will continue challenging each other in a safe and constructive way in an effort to make each other better.  

We will never settle for good enough in this work and will always put the health and safety of the people in our community first.